Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lets talk science!
Ok astronomy but whatever
An Asteroid, from SPACEEEEE

          More importantly, asteroids. Now when you think of asteroids you usually get goose bumps. They’re like the devil of the astrological world, crashing into planets, scaring the shit out of Earthlings who believe one is coming for them, being nothing more than a frozen chunk of rock teasing us with death. But asteroids are much more than that, sure they’re deadly and pose a very miniscule yet galaxy changing threat, but we really owe our existence to them. But how can this be? Let’s break it down.

  • The Earth
Earth via our galaxy

         Yes the Earth, the planet we evolved into humans on and the place we currently call home was and basically still is an asteroid. No not a freezing ice block hurling through space, but in it’s initial stages of development it was constructed through many asteroids bonding together. But even with just a planet forming we still wouldn’t have been able to evolve into what we are without another essential piece linked to asteroids.

  • The Moon
Casper jk jk the Moon
       Oh the moon, the horrid crater filled lump of rock that watches us sleep at night. Without the moon we would have evolved very differently, perhaps not even at all. There’s no sure way of knowing what exactly would have been affected biologically had the moon been gone but we do know that without lunar tides would not exist, the Earth would spin quicker making a day about 6 hours long, and the moon may even act as a shield and get hit by some asteroids that otherwise would have crashed into Earth. Speaking of the Earth revolving quicker, this would have had major impacts on life, storms and winds would be a lot stronger, photosynthesis (plants eating {light being absorbed by plants}) would be different because of less sun. So why do we credit asteroids for the moon? The moon is a part of Earth, a part that was launched from it after an asteroid collision in our planets infancy.

  • Evolution

              So what does an asteroid have to do with evolution? Well it’s a dumb question because you already knew it was a lot so… let’s forget that. So what does an asteroid have to do with evolution?  Let’s start with the beginning, our first bodies if you want to call them that. Amino acids, the building blocks of life, likely came from asteroids. Not just amino acids, but many things that had helped to construct life were likely brought into the Earths oceans from asteroid/Earth collisions in the early universe. While it’s not completely proven that this is what happened it’s one of those things that many believe to be the cause. Not only were asteroids essential in bringing us our building blocks, it was essential in helping mold them later on. How you ask? By hitting the Earth and wiping out T-rex, leading to an ice age which wiped out more big ass lizards. The way it helped? We no longer had as many giant predators roaming the planet which allowed us to slowly move on from scared rodents into more sophisticated, physically advanced mammals. While it’s not the sole reason for our evolution into the homo class, it is possible that it was a small but important piece to the puzzle. So with that being said, Mr. Rex can still not like asteroids, since you know, he’s gone and all due to them. So now we are here, homo sapiens, still evolving into what we may call AISapiens at some point. Now asteroids should go away, leave us be thanks for the help but we got this now! We don’t want to say that though yet…

  • Our future

          Yes our future may even one day rely on asteroids. The fact is at some point the Earth will be no longer, the sun will eventually burn out, at our rate of living we will exhaust it beyond a point of habitability, hell an asteroid might even blow us up and make us go bye bye. Black holes, supernovae, falling out of orbit, the moon eventually leading away from Earths gravitational pull, all kinds of things will happen eventually. Now most humans, except you weird emo ones, want to live. So at some point we will have move beyond considering traveling space to another planet and actually do it. While that time could be millions if not billions of years away, asteroids could very well play an important role in making the move. Considering it will likely be millions or billions of years before the move, one has to assume that even in another 1,000 years technology will exponentially increase beyond our current understanding making a galactic road trip even the more possible. But say we slow down and have to find another way and in doing so we have to figure a way to harvest resources during our voyage. Well you could stop places, such as the moon and try to mine resources but there are few planets and moons to make constant stops on. Asteroids however are abundant, there’s an entire assembly line belt the roll out on. We know that asteroids house a number of resources useful to us. It could provide us with building materials, building blocks to engineer a food source, physical materials for construction and repair mainly metals, they could even act as a compass for space. For now, they are even a cosmos history book holding the secrets the universes’ past. One which once read further could change the laws of physics.

  • The conclusion

          Asteroids are like your asshole friends, sometimes they punch you the face, but most of the time they are there for you, providing you in times of need and keeping you company. Sure when they hang around too long or even threaten to kill you they irritate you, but hey, what doesn’t. Stop being afraid of asteroids, they love you, they made you. They won’t come December 21st, 2012 with big brother Nibiru, they aren’t homing missiles attached the Earths nuclease. In fact one day you may need to once again call on Asteroid for help, so keep the intergalactic bridges open, because traffic sucks and falling bridges suck too.  KthnxBai  :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ok, what is sportsmanship? Being friendly in competition? Handshakes after a game? Playing in a clean and effective manner to win a certain game? Those all sound like legitimate, reasonable, acceptable ways to describe it. What you don’t see associated with sportsmanship in any sport is lowering your level of play to give the other team a fair shot, throwing out your preparation and hard work to accommodate the lack of preparation of the other team. No one in sports has ever said “I should stop trying my hardest because the other guy isn’t as good”. Even the official definition “sportsmanlike conduct, as fairness, courtesy, being a cheerful loser, etc.” gives no hint of lowering your level of play and energy as being part of sportsmanship. Well I guess some people have a completely different explanation of sportsmanship.
            According to the school board and superintendent at Pikeville Independent middle school in Kentucky sportsmanship does include giving up and not trying your hardest. At the Pike County Preseason Tournament recently Pikeville middle school won a game 100-2, drawing the conclusion that they played too hard and shouldn’t have and in turn may have the rest of their season canceled due to lack of “sportsmanship”. This isn’t a rare case either, I usually run across three or four stories a month of a lopsided victory turned into something much more. This is not unsportsmanlike in anyway, there was no one pointing at the other team laughing, no one bragging about the score, no one showboating, it was one team who played hard for four periods and another team who somehow could not score more than one basket all day.
           To tell the kids of that school that it was unsportsmanlike for them to play hard the entire game is an embarrassment and is sending the wrong message. I’m sure they have all heard many times from school endorsed speakers, teachers, coaches, parents, media outlets, etc.. to always try their hardest, and now the same people are saying not to. If you are in a workplace and your fellow employees are working at a level much lower than your own should you now work down to accommodate their lack of dedication? I mean it would certainly be “unprofessional” to continue working better than them. What about those who join the military, should they not give their all because they are going against an enemy who aren’t as well equipped and trained as they are? Should the University of Oxford fire their professors because they are better instructors that elementary school instructors? The answer, I’m sure, is a resounding no. So why tell these kids their season is cancelled because they refused to stop trying? It wasn’t even like Pikeville tried to end the game with a 98 point victory. Before the first period was two minutes in the score was 25-0, at which point Pikeville pulled all of its starters and stopped using a full court press. What else could be done? Just stand on the sideline and let the other team get open shots at their hearts content? Stop babying kids, it’s a sport, people are bound to lose, sometimes that includes losing big. Sports are a competition, we are taught from a young age to always go your hardest the entire time, stop trying to throw exceptions into that. The world would actually be a lot better off if everyone would give one hundred percent into everything they do. This victory shouldn’t be perceived as an insult to the other team but an inspiration. If being dismantled by 98 points doesn’t make your ass want to get in the gym and practice full speed then maybe they shouldn’t be playing basketball. If people don’t want sports to be sports anymore than stop having them. If your team doesn’t want to play and can’t play against competition then don’t play.

Friday, January 28, 2011

                                 Religion… like wtf?

                           Alright so over the last few weeks I’ve only been on the Illuminati blogging tip so I figured I’d let those people calm down and while they chill piss of another group of people. Now truthfully let me say that I don’t have an issue with religion as much as I do with the people who worship them. While I do admit religion is simply another way to try an attempt law it has it’s bad side. It’s a divider, it divides people, he pits people against others. It’s lawless, the commandments are supposed to be “law” yet only 3 commandments are really moral compasses the rest are just to praise the make believe being the writers included. It restricts higher learning, there’s a reason most leading scientists have no religion or are atheists. You can’t take a book as the literal word of God and study true science. I mean, it would be ridiculous to go on throughout life thinking humans were whipped up from dust and dirt and a rib made a woman. It’s foolish to believe a perfect being created a completely unperfected universe in seven days.  Imagine where we would be in the world had the religious world not put a stranglehold on free thought and scientific research during the dark ages. These are just some things that religion does that are destructive but even then it goes back to people in most cases. And my biggest qualm with the religious are multiple things. Over 30% of Christians haven’t read the bible, over 93% of Christians believe there were only 10 commandments. The religious fanatics, the ones that burn witches, murder abortionists, refuse medical help and die, call for war in the name of God, etc… they are detrimental to human growth. But I at least respect a fanatic, for all their killing and hate bashing I respect them, because they are following the book as it says to be followed.
    The borderline Christians are those that really bug me. If someone claims to be a Christian fine, if they follow the word of Christ and claim to be Yeshua’s followers not the religions follower. If they believe the all magical being and the exodus story and the Adam and Eve and all that get fucking real. Most of them have the nerve to speak against atheists or agnostics and put us in the same class and murderers and child molesters… a role in which they fill in better than us. But the big issue I have is that if their religion is true than they are following it completely wrong. If you dislike slavery in any way you’re against the bible, if you’re even the slightest bit overweight you’re against the bible, if you own material things you’re against the bible. If you have a well paying job you are not in “God’s” favor. If you had sex before you were married, or even got a divorce you’re against the bible. Ladies shaved your legs or cut your hair ever? Going to hell! Men shaved your beards, cut your hair, cut your beard? Off to hell! If you talk to a woman on her period it’s hell for you. If you do anything on Saturdays it’s hell! Ever sad a “bad word”, said a lie even jokingly, gossiped, ate pork, at lobster? All Hell bound sins. How about your clothes, have anything that’s a cotton/polyester blend?  Yup, sin as well tell Satan hi for me.  Things like this piss me off about people who think they are following their religion. Shit is ridiculous, read the bible, you’re always bound for hell, but through Christ you can ask for forgiveness! The only unforgivable sin is not believing, which is fine.  I’d rather burn in hell until the battle goes down than be obligated to a life where muderers, rapists, child molesters, and the like get a pass because they believed and just said “My bad forgive me?”.
              Religions are bullshit folks. Not to rag on Christians but Muslims as well. Y’all follow a prophet who went around fucking 12 year old girls. You claim to be a peaceful religion yet your book states anyone who isn’t Islamic is an infidel and they are to be killed. The “radicals” that you say don’t represent your religion do rep your religion and do it the right way. They are following “God’s orders” you’re not. So I suggest strap that fucking vest on and get to blowing people up or just admit your not a Muslim and devote your life to making the world a better place not a more religious place. Y’all laugh at Christians who believe in burning bushes that show no signs of burning and talking snakes yet you believe in fairies that travel the sky and that shooting stars are them throwing arrows at each other. The only rational religion (which it shouldn’t even be labeled a religion) is Buddhism. And before I go back to picking on mostly Christians let me also throw out that most of Islamic fucks don’t know your shit either. The book or history. Those who try to back it by saying “it teaches science so it’s right” are full of shit. The verses you post most of the time are vague like Nostradomous’ predictions and multiple things can be filled in the blank. The other things are common things that have been known before it was written so it’s not teaching science people have yet to know about.

    While I’m ranting let’s go off track and just ask some questions to religious folks and give some answers.

1. Is murder wrong?  ………………………………..........................   Then why does “God” repeatedly use the sword as a way to spread his religion and call for blood.

2. Why did he ask Abraham to kill his son? …………………………..  Oh he was testing him? Funny, the bible says God doesn’t tempt or ask people to do things.

3. If you’re religion is peaceful why does God ask you to kill non followers my Muslim brethren?  ……………………………….....  Well fuck an answer, don’t get cocky either Christians, you’re book also says to kill all non believers of Christianity…… so what the fuck is all of you frowning on Muslims for?

4. Do you hate fags and dykes? ……………………… Oh… they’re human too and should be treated equal? I agree, but your God doesn’t and says you should kill them. You know who else you should be killing?

- Adulterers (Lev.20:10, Deut.22:22) - Yes if your significant other cheats, chop their fucking head off it’s your duty.

- Disobedient Children (Deut.21:20-21, Lev.20:9, Exod.21:15) - Spanking and grounding is for atheists, Christians should go ahead and just keep killing their offspring until they get the right one, cause after all not doing so results in hell!!!!!

- Women who are not virgins on their wedding night (Deut.22:13-21) - Oh what’s that? Your not a virgin and getting married?! Groom, deal with her the right way.

- All non-Christians (parable told by Christ - Luke 19:27) - Oh no I’m scared. But I wish they’d follow this already so Islam and Christians would get rid of each other.

- Those accused of wickedness by at least two people (Deut.17:2-7) -Your parents ever say you’re a spoiled brat? That’s two off to die you go! What’s that, two kids in school called you fat! Well, let’s kill you then since they did the right thing by letting the world know of your wickedness.

- Anyone who works on the Sabbath (Exod.35:2-3, Num.15:32-6) - Saturday shifts are a bitch, but dying before getting paid the next week is hell. But at least the lake of fire doesn’t require weekend work!

I mean come on!

Christians how many commandments are there? Oh did you say 10? I hate to say it but you’re wrong. There’s over 130 of them. Recheck your literary services because you’ve been misinformed. Now, I’d keep on going but… nah, I don’t feel like it.  Again you could always visit www.worldofwtf.webs.com and sign up at our forum to discuss this with other members or myself. So have a good day and happy future burning people this is Chozen signing out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So the third installment will talk about something that is considered “key evidence” in the New World Order conspiracy; the seal the on the back of a dollar bill. More infamous than the George Bush’s “New World Order” video the dollars seal has had so many questions surrounding it for so long from all types of nut jobs. Why I have no idea. It’s not like the shit is encoded to make people have to really research what it means. So let’s take a look at some of these claims. The first being that it’s strictly all masonic symbolism that we aren’t meant to understand. Well this is somewhat true but not nearly enough to label it Masonic. While Franklin was a Freemason he wasn’t the only designer of the seal, there were people who weren’t Freemasons that also voted to allow the seal. And the “Masonic Symbols” are symbols that have been around for ages. From Babylon, to Ancient Egypt, to Freemasons, to current businesses. One cannot understand the symbolism without doing the proper research. In short, the unfinished pyramid on the seal represents an incomplete nation, the thirteen steps are symbolic of the original 13 states in which were the stepping stones for a growing independent country. The United States was a growing country, hence the unfinished pyramid. While some of the founding fathers were not religious, they believed in a supreme being, which is why the all seeing eye is above the pyramid. It’s symbolic of a watched over or divine nation, a nation under god. (Funny for a group of Satanists it should be a nation over god).

                Next is the date of the roman numerals. For those who don’t know this is the date of the Illuminati’s true birth. Now conspiracy theorists love this because to them it’s die hard proof, and they are often so caught up in this that they either don’t know or ignore the fact that the number on the pyramid is actually the yea that America gained it’s independence from Britain.  Now I don’t know you guys, but to logical folk that would make a little bit more sense. But since we throw things out that are with the date, let’s say it symbolizes Prince Paul or Russia getting married!  Or even better maybe the drafters of the seal were all huge fans of Thomas Paine’s book appropriately titled “Common Sense”.

    Let’s move on now that the numbers and pyramid are covered. The next greatest mystery…… latin! Now, there’s no doubt that “Novus Ordum Seclorum” means New Order of the Ages, or “New World Order’.  Annuit Coeptis is often given the wrong meaning by conspiracy theorists. I’ve heard everything from “below their came” to “global cohesion”. In a nutshell Annuit Coeptis means “Providence (the eye seeing eye) favors our beginnings”. Providence would be in a sense a god, supreme being, or watcher. Obviously the seal was made because to promote Americas independence. This is why it says “Providence favors our beginnings, the new order of the ages”.  America in essence was a new order. One free from religious persecution, or at least wanted to be. They were a new form of democracy, a new capitalistic society. New World Order described exactly what they are. E Pluribus Unum is “from many one shall come”. This means the unifying of the states. Originally there was separation between the states. States could dictate things like keeping church and state one. Once the declaration of independence was created, the government formed and it could dictate the laws in each state.
            And lastly to make a few things short because they aren’t worth going into. Crowley was not a Freemason, he never performed Satanic rituals in the kings chamber so stop saying “Crowley was a mason, Franklin was a Mason, PROOF AMERICA IS A DEVIL NATION!” It’s not true. Second, the number 13. Everyone brings up the repeating of the number 13. So let’s use that common sense thing, there were 13 original colonies, that’s why the 13 is there. It’s not fucking hard to understand only idiots trying to discover deeper meanings in simple shit refute this. You don’t walk outside count 5 leaves on a tree and instantly assume the tree is hiding something and start decoding it. That’s it for now, I can’t really remember anything else that is brought up, if something is missed, leave a comment and I’ll make a part two.

Tighten logic with malleable spanners


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Illuminati Logic Pt 2 - The Takeover.




        The takeover, the ultimate goal for the Illuminati. A one world government that owns all big business and makes the average citizens work as slaves. They’re almost there, most people seemingly work as slaves now, paid slaves, but slaves none the less. While some say that this is the goal they are working to some argue that this is almost complete and that right now you have basically need to work to get your food, shelter, clothing, etc… One issue though, you could always live off the land . In most countries you’re free to go out and set up shop anywhere as long as it isn’t privately owned. As far as I’m aware there’s still sun, land, water, and air to grow your own food. And living near a wooded area I’m positive there’s still wildlife you could kill for food. Last time I went fishing I do believe there were fish still living in waters. Cotton still grows, animals still have hides, so clothing is there. There is still tons of mud, clay, snow, caves, and timber to make your own house. So we’re not really slaves, you don’t have to work but you choose to so you can obtain the perks not the necessities. So they must be plotting to set it up that way right?
        It’s 2011, we know for a fact the Illuminati started in 1776 at the very least (some conspiracy theorists don’t accept that and say much earlier). But taking that timeline they have been active for at least  two hundred and thirty five years. Why are they waiting? They may not have been as strong at first but why wait over two hundred and thirty years? You’re telling me it’s easier to create a one world government and enslave people now?  In 1900 there were about 1.5 Billion people on Earth, now there's about 7 billion, and almost everyone is educated and weapons of military grade are easily acquirable.  It would make no sense, if you’re going into a tiger cage to fight a tiger you don’t wait until there 6 billion more tigers in there to make your move. Plus the global elite would only be about five thousand people tops, five thousand people are not going to hold everyone back if they tried. Their solution is what at the point that people say fuck you? Poison the people working for them? Killing their slaves? Paying people? All that does is make their money useless and create the same thing we have now with the poor, middle, and elite classes. So how does this work? Why is their money useful at this point?

    So they have all the money, they own all land, and the people are working for them. What’s changed? We do that now and they own everything now. I know, people will lose the opportunity to open their own business and middle class will be gone. It’s pretty much happening now, you’re either rich or poor and the poor have a very hard time getting in a position to open their own business. So, maybe they already have implemented that part. But what would be the point? They aren’t going to allow many people like them so eventually much of the rich now would become poor, and like I estimated at tops only about five thousand people will remain “elite”. Now that would seem to me that at this point their money becomes nothing, only they have and use it, it goes nowhere. Anyone who is rich really has the financial means to do anything they want already, they already own much of everything or have stock in it with one another. We wouldn't be paying for anything so they are the only ones buying from their own businesses. If you think about it for a second once it happens all their money is no good, their businesses love most revenue, and they will be very very bored. The only “goal” would be a one world government.   
            Yes, one world government, which for some reason people think is wrong. The fear is understandable, the United States beat it into everyone’s head during the cold war that socialism and communism was out for global domination of citizens. Apparently that fear is still alive today. What does a one world government mean? A group of people control the world, which to me at least does not signal evil doom. Every system you’re in you're being controlled by a ruler. Socialist society, Capitalist society, Communist society, and so on. There’s always a leader or group of people who can tell you what to do and when to do it. A one world government in terms of leadership is not a change. Let’s also face the facts, every system that has been brought forth so far is failing. Socialism becomes extreme and taxes get too high at a point, capitalism is allowing people to die because they can’t afford or get health care, communism is just terrible for the human species. Who says that a new system will be anything like the old? We hear talk of a “New” World Order. That says to me something new, nothing to do with the old. Who says a NWO wouldn’t consist of true religious freedom, a perfect blend of democracy, the perfect mix between government ran businesses and capitalistic opportunities. A one world government would certainly stop wars on a large scale. There will be civil wars and things of that nature but no global nuke dropping wars. You don’t have to worry about this dollar being worth more than this dollar and this dollar crumbling because that dollar got a raise. So no systems will collapse quickly because the kids on the currency block started picking on your currency. Someone needs to explain this to me, why is a NWO surely bad for us?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Illuminati Logic PT 1 - Computer Chips

         The Illuminati, an evil group that is hell bent on gaining control of a world that they already supposedly have control over. Yes them, the brotherhood of Freemasons that want to control everyone... which coincidentally people say the already do.... anyway. What is it about the Illuminati that people fear? Being controlled? So if they were going to control you you'd rather become a slave then just fight back and die? It's not like they can make you immortal and unable to control your own body. You're not a programmed robot, you still have a brain that in panic mode reacts on instinct not the way they would have programmed you. Okay Okay I got, must be computer chips. Or not. For anyone with a simple understanding of the human anatomy and the makeup of our nervous system know that just putting a computer chip into someones hand is not enough to control them. I see countless youtube videos and tin foil hat men bringing up the chip in the hand theory and showing videos of people who have chips in their hand used to work garage doors or start cars. Even if it were that simple and real, opening a garage door and starting a car with the assistance of a computerized chip does nothing to even extend a remote possibility toward human control.For anyone who believes this you should really give the idea up. Have people gotten chips in their hands, yes, for ID purposes. This doesn't control anyone. It's incapable of controlling anyone unless a surgeon knocks you out, implants a chip into your brain, and is able to wire your entire system up to it perfectly, in which case there's still the extreme possibility of a short circuit happening being that your brain is independent and will be fighting between the chips signals and it's own. So if it's not able to control you, where else is the problem? Tracking you?  
             Cell phones, cameras, people, gps, your twitter page, facebook updates, the list goes on with other things that can track you. Yet, people don't curl up in a ball and sob because of these things. I've yet to hear someone raising a campaign against their girlfriend because she knows where he's at and therefore is proof she is Illuminati. Then there's the whole, "the chip holds are your information" setup. Well, okay. So we have a chip that no longer requires us to carry a wallet full of things, we no longer have to worry about not having our drivers license. We no longer have to make trips to renew things that can just be transferred digitally. I'm not getting the scary in that. The government and most of the people you know already know your address, birthday, phone numbers, mothers maiden name, etc.. so what problem is that. The government knows  your social security number, bank account number, credit card numbers, license plate number, drivers license number... so what changed outside of you not having to carry your S.S. card, drivers license and credit cards? Although hacking is at a high number it's still safer to have a microchip containing your info inside your palm then to have a wallet in your back pocket. Now even though most rational people aren't going to get a chip implanted in them, so are they going to do it while you're sleeping? Or is it just the 500,000 that do get it that are going to be the guinea pigs?

              But then again, truth is stranger than fiction, perhaps the chips are real. Maybe we are going to control everyone with them. I mean, after all the switch from books to computers, the from average computers to the internet, and then internet to personal record keeping websites made it through the cracks with no questions asked by anyone. Could it be the computer chips are really the screen you're staring at right now? The Xbox or PS3 under your TV? Perhaps that phone you have all of your information on. We see you America, we see you.

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